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7 Tips for Crafting Effective Foreshadowing

Reading Time: 7 minutes Foreshadowing. Every good story has it, but not every author feels comfortable writing it. When done correctly, this literary element has a mesmerizing, suspenseful effect, but when done incorrectly, it can be confusing, misleading, or too direct. Finding the balance between too subtle and too revealing can a challenge for any writer. If you struggle … Read More

Sentence Length and Paragraph Size— Is it all Personal Preference?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sentences and paragraphs make up the bread and butter of your writing. It’s what your readers will encounter over and over again. Sentence and paragraph length often hallmark writers and become the first thing that stands out about their writing. When you’ve written enough, you’ll tend to find certain structures comfortable. Today we’ll go under … Read More

6 Tips to Write a Hook that will Ensnare Your Readers

Reading Time: 6 minutes Your book is your product, and like any great product, you’ve got to show it off, describe it, and relate it to your customer quickly if you have any hope of getting it off the shelves and into your customer’s shopping cart.  No, we’re not talking about book-signings, posters, and other external marketing. You need … Read More

11 Ways to Bring your Characters to Life

Reading Time: 6 minutes Audiences celebrate artists whose works spring to life. But giving ‘life’ to inanimate objects requires immense skill and attention. In a writer’s case, it’s words on a page. But how can life spring from little lines of ink? Here’s 11 ways to bring your characters off the page to lodge themselves in a reader’s imagination. … Read More

From Passive to Active: How to Jumpstart Your Novel with Active Voice

Reading Time: 5 minutes Passive voice. If you write, chances are you’ve used it or been plagued by it. While it may up your word count when writing a tedious essay, too much passive voice can suck the action out of your writing and lead to repetitive words and phrases. If you’re a little foggy on what passive voice … Read More

8 Tips for Creating Protagonists and Antagonists Your Readers Will Love

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ever read a book or watch a movie and find yourself hating a protagonist almost more than an antagonist? In short, it’s awful. Who are you supposed to root for if the main character isn’t even likeable? As you begin planning your novel, it’s never too early to begin thinking about how to make your … Read More