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Top 4 Options for Self-Publishing your Book

Reading Time: 6 minutes You’ve finished your manuscript, you’ve made the decision to self-publish your book, now what? Where exactly do you go? Are all services the same? Which option is the cheapest? All those answers and more can be found right here! Let us help you find your perfect publishing match. Option #1: Hire a Self-Publishing Service Self-publishing … Read More

What’s Best for Your Book: Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Reading Time: 6 minutes After thousands of rough drafts and revisions, you’re finally ready to publish your book. Great! If you haven’t published a book yet, however, you may be confused with all these options for publication looming over your head. There are two major forms of publishing that you have to consider. There are many smaller, more specific … Read More

A Brief Guide to Self-Editing your Book

Reading Time: 7 minutes Self-editing your novel can be a challenge for many new (and experienced) writers. You must analyze your own writing from a different perspective and be extremely critical of yourself. Have you ever made mistakes you didn’t even know you could make? We usually leave it up to experienced editors to catch those missteps, but when … Read More

How to Get Your Work Noticed by these 9 Traditional Publishers

Reading Time: 6 minutes Publication is not an easy step for most authors, and the barriers surrounding traditional publishing can seem monstrous, especially to new writers who looking for a home for their first book. If you’re in search of your first publisher, knowing where to start can be a big task on its own. Luckily, you have options. … Read More

7 Quick Tips for Planning Your First Non-Fiction Novel

Reading Time: 6 minutes Non-fiction novels can be one of the most intriguing forms of writing. Their unique style allows writers to tell real-life tales through a variety of perspectives in a way that both informs and captivates the audience. Because of the genre’s unique characteristics, non-fiction writers must constantly balance truth and entertainment as they plan out their … Read More

13 Resources for Self-Publishing your Latest Book

Reading Time: 6 minutes You’ve taken the first step towards a publication and decided to self-publish your latest novel. Great! But which companies are the easiest to work with? Which ones have the best deals? It may be difficult to know where to start. Worry not! We’ve compiled some of the best businesses that will help you get your … Read More