January 2020 – The Writers Blog

Should You Write What You Know in Your Fantasy Novel?

Reading Time: 5 minutes One of the most common pieces of advice writers hear early on is to write what you know. Different writers react differently to this advice when they first hear it. For many, the initial reaction is negative. This is especially the case with people interested in writing a fantasy novel. After all, by definition you’re writing … Read More

The First Sentence and Last Sentence of Your Novel

Reading Time: 5 minutes Completing a novel necessarily means you’ll be writing many, many sentences. But there are people who rightfully point out that the first sentence is arguably the single most important sentence of all your novel writing efforts. No pressure, right? And then there’s the last sentence as well, which many believe ranks close behind your first … Read More

Magic, Psychic Powers, and Supernatural Phenomena in Your Fantasy Novel

Reading Time: 5 minutes Before you begin writing in all the magic, psychic powers and other supernatural phenomena into your fantasy novel, take some time to think through these elements. Above all else, even though fantasy is by definition about the impossible, you want it all to seem as real and believable as possible to keep your readers engaged. … Read More