December 2019 – The Writers Blog

4 Tips to Help a Reader Visualize an Environment

Reading Time: 6 minutes Tip #1—Remove Passive Sentence Constructions. A novel comes alive when a reader mentally lives inside it. However we write we want to do whatever we can to get a reader engaged and keep them immersed. When our writing uses too many passive sentence constructions, it can strip a novel of life and energy. Environmental descriptions … Read More

How to use the “Snowflake Method” to Make Your Novel a One-of-a-Kind

Reading Time: 6 minutes Similar to writing, everybody has their own style of planning their novel. Some don’t even bother to plan at all and prefer just throwing everything on the page as it comes. For some writers, planning is an interesting step in the process that allows them to explore several aspects of their story without committing to … Read More

Seven Tips for Creating a Personalized Writing Schedule

Reading Time: 6 minutes Finding time in your busy day to write can be difficult whether you’re a career writer or someone who writes for fun. When you’re constantly trying to squeeze in your sessions amidst your crazy life, it can be difficult to let your ideas flow freely and you may wind up spending most of your writing … Read More

6 Tips on Naming and Creating Believable Characters

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s time. You’ve finally decided to write your novel. You’ve envisioned your story and you’re ready to bring it to life. If you’re at this stage in the writing process, it’s important to consider your next steps. Every choice you make from this point on should be decided strategically and methodically. No pressure! At this … Read More

Monsters, Creatures, Fae Folk, and More in Your Fantasy Novel

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’ve never written a fantasy novel before, one of the parts you’re bound to enjoy perhaps more than any other is populating your storyline with all manner of monsters, creatures, Fae folk, and whatever else you can dream up to wow your readers and keep them engaged. This article will guide you through some … Read More

How to Create Your Perfect Writing Environment

Reading Time: 6 minutes Whether you are a new or seasoned writer, you likely have or are establishing your own writing space. However experienced you are though, designing your writing space and your writing schedule can be challenging, especially if you feel your productivity dropping no matter what you do. If you fear your writing space is not allowing … Read More