August 2020 – The Writers Blog

11 Ways to Bring your Characters to Life

Reading Time: 6 minutes Audiences celebrate artists whose works spring to life. But giving ‘life’ to inanimate objects requires immense skill and attention. In a writer’s case, it’s words on a page. But how can life spring from little lines of ink? Here’s 11 ways to bring your characters off the page to lodge themselves in a reader’s imagination. … Read More

From Passive to Active: How to Jumpstart Your Novel with Active Voice

Reading Time: 5 minutes Passive voice. If you write, chances are you’ve used it or been plagued by it. While it may up your word count when writing a tedious essay, too much passive voice can suck the action out of your writing and lead to repetitive words and phrases. If you’re a little foggy on what passive voice … Read More