March 2020 – The Writers Blog

Conflict First: The Essential Steps for Creating the Perfect Antagonist

Reading Time: 7 minutes A story is incomplete without any sort of conflict, whether internal or external. As readers, we want to see the protagonists challenged in some sort of way, making them fight to achieve a goal or desire. Often, this conflict is embodied by the antagonists. Because they play such an essential role in the novel, poor … Read More

One Epic Method to Outline Your Novel in 30 Days

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you’re out there wishing there was an amazing template to guide you through the outlining process, you are in luck! Author Karen Wiesner’s “30 Day Method” is the perfect guide for those writers out there yearning for a simple to-do list to help them knock out their initial novel outline. All it takes is … Read More

What Is the Optimal Word Count Publishers Are Looking For

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s early in the morning, and you have your coffee and your laptop, you’re halfway through your novel – or are you? How many words is a full-length novel? In this article, we’ll dive into word count, why it matters, and what’s the best length for your genre. It’s a Numbers Game Who thought you’d … Read More